How We Work

Whether your project is large or small, an addition or a new building two things characterize all projects, those are budget and time. Anyone who has been through the building process starting with conceptual sketches, design development, construction documents, bidding and finally construction; knows that this process can be stressful and at times rather frustrating. The Design Build process is more efficient and cost effective resulting in less stress for the client.

If the client has a fixed Budget set prior to the start of any design work, the contractor along with the architect will establish rigid parameters from the beginning of the project. Once the initial design concept has been established and agreed upon with the client, preliminary budget figures will be obtained from subcontractors. We can value engineer the most economical system for the building we are designing. As more detailed drawings are prepared the budget is further kept in check as more subcontractors are bidding the work. This process allows the owner to know early in the process if the project fits within the established Budget. Can you image going thru the whole design process from schematic design, design development, construction drawings then finally bidding to find out the “Budget” does not fit the Building?

Better planning through design can save time and money and will achieve a much more desirable building. When a project is fully designed and then bid out to several contractors it can be a shock to find out that the project is over budget before it even starts. Time will be wasted by going back and redesigning, changing the project program and or deleting items from the project; the owner’s expectations have been sacrificed by thinking the project was going to have a certain look, or contain certain components. If a project is to be fast tracked, due to a tight schedule, this is more easily obtained because subcontractors are selected early in the process allowing grading and or the footing and foundations to be constructed while the remaining details for the building are being worked out. This is especially important when a client is renting or has sold their current space and need to move in as soon as possible.

While every building is unique and each will have their own obstacles, these issues can be worked out earlier in the process making for a potentially smoother design and construction process. So by working with PDCKC and the Design Build Concept we hope to make this process a fun and rewarding experience.