Case Studies


Challenge – Turn a two bedroom ramshackle assembly of interconnecting buildings into a home that looked and felt like new construction from the basement to the roof.

The house was built in 1920, 1934 and 1958. It started itsʼ life as a cabin and was added on to twice. Each addition reflected the least costly components of the day and suffered the years with rain, insect, mammal and reptile incursions. We couldnʼt simply tear it down and start over because the Kansas City Carriage house rule applied. Essentially, we could not modify the footprint beyond a certain percentage of the original structure. The house was at an odd angle which made the design even more challenging. Because we felt certain the old foundation might leak someday, we utilized cement board over treated lumber for the first course of drywall in the basement so that in the event of a flood the only damage would be to baseboard. The odd angle turned into a walk-in pantry on the first floor and a walk-in shower on the second floor. This was the second home we remodeled for this family and we both appreciated the input for design and the friendships we forged over the years.



Challenge – Add 3 bedrooms and two baths for an ever growing family. Be sure to integrate it seamlessly into the original structure.

This addition would be nothing to brag about because when we drive through the cul-de-sac and mention to one of our subs, "Oh, yeah. We put an addition on over there for Jim and Phyliss," they canʼt identify the house until we point it out. If you want your
addition NOT to look like an addition, give us a call.



Challenge – More closet space, a makeup area, a refuge.

When we first looked at this project there was a small shower, a double vanity and toilet all in a single line. In the center of the room was a furnace room and behind that the walk-in closet. By the entry door was a couch and an unusable corner for a seating area they didnʼt use.

We took the furnace and relocated it to the garage ceiling which opened up the area. We put a toilet in a quiet corner and made it cozy and private. We installed a peninsula for Mike's ties, Julie's jewelry and drawers for whatever they wished. We installed a multiple headed shower and provided hot water with a hidden tankless water heater. We measured the closet rod that they used to have and tried to figure a way to increase the amount of hanging space. We did! We used 500# drawer slides and rolled the clothing into what looked like a 12" cabinet but it was actually unused space over the garage. We built a makeup area with a view where the couch used to be. Mike and Julie loved it!

We still perform work on Mikes other properties and truly enjoyed the time in their company.